Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome to the World, Rocket

Finally, pictures of the filly! I have been dying to see them all day. I'll cut to the chase.

Oh hi! I have cute ears! See them?

This is the corner where I was born. Oh, memories.

I have enough white in my tail that it will be a pain in the butt to keep clean! Ha!

Don't mind the dropped pasterns - they'll sort themselves out soon enough.

Look how big I already am compared to my mom. I am going to be ENORMOUS.
So there she is! She is huge, and she is super cute. I can't wait to see what she looks like when she's three, but I guess I'll just have to. My mom will be able to go see her tomorrow and I'll get up there in a couple of weeks. By then I expect that she'll be at least as tall as Somara. (Kidding. Mostly.)

Apparently the birth was really difficult and there were some close calls. Because Rocket is so huge, Somara had a hard time getting her out and they eventually had to pull her. When the lady in charge palpated Somara before she gave birth, she felt what she thought was the head but is actually a hoof. This girl is huge. Did I already say that? Mom told me a bunch more details but I'll have to hear them again later so I can remember them better. I was kind of buzzing with excitement/nervousness.

I'm calling her Rocket because, in the event that I ever show her, I want her show name to be Gravity's Rainbow. It seems like a cool name for a colorful horse with a literate gay rider and - I hope - an over-fences career of some sort. My initial plan was to name all my horses something gay culture-related (the book doesn't have anything to do with gayness or anything, I just like the title) but Afleet Alexia put a kink in those works. I'm not changing her name, no way. Anyway, the reason I went with Rocket for a barn name is because the parabolic trajectory made by the rocket is rainbow-shaped.

So now I have two mares - three if you count Duchess, who is coming back to my field tomorrow, I hope - and I couldn't be more thrilled about it!


  1. She is pretty cute! That tail is going to be a nightmare, haha. At least with he breeding, she should have a lot of it.

    1. Yeah, and a lot of mane, too, so she better be willing to let me pull it when she grows up. I can't handle long manes even if they're breed-appropriate, which is one reason I've never been into the baroque breeds. Those crazy manes get in the way of my release when I jump. I'm just relieved she doesn't have four inches of feathers.