Sunday, April 7, 2013

I love my horse!

Just a quick update to say that on our fourth ride today, Lex trotted all around the ring, on both reins. I had a friend watching from the ground, and she thought Lex looked relaxed and balanced at the trot. She definitely had a big trot heading toward the herd and a quieter one going away, but we can work all that out later. The big trot felt GREAT, though - I think she'll really be able to push from behind when she can carry herself a bit better. The only "problems" we're having is that sometimes she'll do a walk-halt transition without my asking, but she's getting better about walking on and sometimes responding to my aids before she halts completely; and she'll enjoy a good head-toss about every third step. I think all of that will come along with time and consistent riding.

It's funny how just a successful session of trotting around a dorky large dressage ring will make my whole weekend great. Also, my amazing photographer friend is going to come hang out with us on Wednesday, so maybe I'll have better pictures than this dorky iPhone picture I took while hand-grazing her early this morning.
It's no conformation shot, but I still think she's the cutest evar.

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