Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rocket! Stop Freaking Me Out!

My mom went to see Miss Rocket today! I called her after class (I made my class look at a picture of Rocket, obviously) and she was like, "I have to tell you all about the last 24 hours." I took that as a sign to buckle my seatbelt, emotionally speaking.

FIRST! I will tell you that Rocket is fine. Here is proof:
I am wearing a 3-month halter!

Lydia, the lady who owns the farm where Mom sent Somara to foal, has really been earning her money dealing with this little girl. She called my mom last night and said that the vet had seen Rocket and said she felt the umbilical cord and thought it was wet and smelled like urine - a very bad sign. Apparently Lydia and the vet spoke, and the vet asked if anyone had seen Rocket pee, and Lydia said no.

I haven't peed and I'm embarrassed.
The vet was concerned that her bladder had ruptured, given how difficult the delivery was. I don't know a ton about ruptured bladders, but apparently they can go undetected for a few days and then when the foal is symptomatic, it's an emergency. Lydia called the emergency vet last night and they said to keep eyeballs on her - if she peed, she's fine. And if she didn't, well, big problem. So Lydia and her staff stared at the baby girl all night long. No pee. In the morning, she called my mom and said Mom should meet her at the veterinary hospital because she was going to take the filly just to check "ruptured bladder" off the list of things to worry about.


But! Just in time, the filly peed! Champion!
It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight.
So, thank goodness, we don't have to worry about a ruptured bladder, because that would have been insane to deal with.

Mom and her awesome friend Margaret got to spend some time with Somara and Rocket and watch an imprinting session. One of the reasons we decided to send Somara to Mountaintop Ranch to foal was because they're well-known for their quality work with imprinting and training foals. I know imprinting isn't everyone's thing, but it seemed like a good idea for this little girl. She needs to be as easy for my parents to handle as she can be, and she's so gigantic that I'm glad we went that route. There's not gonna be any pushing this one around. Anyway, Mom said she taped the imprinting session, so when she sends me that video I'll post it.

Lydia - who foals out about 30 per year, so she knows what she's looking at - said that this little girl is impatient and likes to MOVE. That happens to be just the kind of horse I like. I hate kicking a lot.

Gimme that milk! I got places to be!
Okay, see ya.

I am expressing my independence.

Drive-by snuggles.
It sounds as though all is well, and I'm glad she's okay. Lydia said her pasterns lifted two inches today, so she can go play outside for two hours tomorrow. My mom's going to go see her again tomorrow, so we should have MOAR PICSHURS.

I didn't get to see Miss Lex today (I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays for that reason) but I'm looking forward to seeing her pretty face twice tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have another ride update for you! Yesterday she was great. We rode in the ring for a little while and did a brake check, and then I let her trot around in the field, which I definitely prefer. The ring is just so small and the footing is so deep that I feel like we're getting stuck. Yesterday, for the first time, she really stretched down at both the walk and trot. I thought that was great. She is coming along! My friend Barb, who's been riding longer than I've been alive, thinks she looks like a show hunter when she trots. Sounds good to me! I'm a happy kid.

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