Monday, April 15, 2013

Brief Update: It's a Filly!

I got a text from my mom at 2:30am that we had a two hour-old, huge, black and white filly.


Apparently the labor was tough - if the baby is huge, that's no surprise - but they're both okay now. For a brief moment they thought they were going to send the mare and foal to the vet because the baby would lick but not suck, but then she latched on so she'll be okay. The vet will come check on her later if necessary.

I don't have any pictures yet (the foal isn't at my mom's, she's at a foaling farm 90 minutes away) but I've been promised some soon, and then I will post them all here.

A black and white filly! It's like Somara reads the blog!

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