Thursday, April 18, 2013

Awesome Fillies Are Awesome, Part 2: Rocket

I'm impressed that my mom got out to Mountaintop Ranch two days in a row, considering that it's a three-hour round trip, and I'm extraordinarily grateful because we have pictures and video!

Rocket and Somara got to spend some time in the field today because Rocket's pasterns look even better. Lydia says that Rocket is tougher to work with than her quarter horse foals because she's got the stubborn gene, but that you can really see her brain working while they handle her. They're beginning to teach her to lead. I'm not surprised she's stubborn and independent - so is her dam. I like that, though. I'm stubborn and independent, too.

Also, Somara loves being a mama. Mom said she is so happy and nurturing but not hostile about people handling her foal. I'm delighted. Here is a cute video of her looking pleased with her baby.

And some photos of the day, with one more super adorable video at the end.

I know I left that needle around here somewhere...

How did that baby fit in that mare just a couple days ago?!
 These two pictures are the ones that drove home for me how big she is. That's my mom, she's about 5'6".

Holy mackerel. She looks like a draft horse.

I'm glad my mom likes horses because this is the closest she's getting to a grandchild from me.
And now, for the grand finale, a really adorable video of Rocket. This is right after they brought her in from the field, which is on the side of a mountain. The top of the mountain is where the barn is, and Rocket and Somara were at the bottom of it. By the time they'd trucked all the way up, everyone was a bit out of breath. After bringing her in, they let the mare and foal chill out for a little while before working with her. Mom promises me more, longer videos when she can get on a fast enough internet connection.

So there's the little girl! We might not get a lot more pictures or videos of her for awhile. My mom is going to NYC to see my AMAZING brother, sister-in-law, and nephew for the weekend, and then she's on call all next week at the hospital. If I do get anything, I'll definitely post it.