Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Awesome Fillies Are Awesome, Part 1: Lex

Well, one of them hasn't been a filly for a few years now, but she is definitely awesome.

Today I had lots of fun with Lex and my mom gave me an update on Rocket, so there's lots to write about. In the interest of not inundating you, I'll divide the day's updates into two posts.

Lex is such a good girl. She starts out wiggly and a little cold-backed, but I just get on and walk her around, because she's not going to do anything stupid. The worst thing she does is look at stuff and maybe edge into a couple trot steps but she always comes right back. We warmed up in the ring and did some walk-halt and walk-trot transitions. There were some cones set up in the middle, so I guided her through them at the walk. She doesn't turn perfectly all the time, but she doesn't take a lot of effort. Like with turning her nose to the fence to slow down, if I just think about what I want, she'll usually do it. I love those sensitive TBs! She's definitely a green banana, though. We'll be traveling perfectly fine along the rail and the next thing I know she's kinda swerving to the inside. If I think "slow" and put my inside leg on a bit, though, we can set ourselves right. After we were warmed up (or I was sick of the ring, whichever you like) we went out in the field and did some more trot-walk transitions. She's pretty good about slowing her trot when I slow my posting most of the time, and if she doesn't match my seat, I just do a downward transition, no big deal. I walked her back and forth over a pole on the ground a couple of times, and then did some trot figure-8s over it, incorporating transitions to the walk when I felt like it was a good idea (mostly going away from the pole/toward the herd, when she'd put her head up and trot faster). I'm trying to stay out of her mouth, so the transitions aren't sharp at all. The point is, she's slowing down when I ask her to.

After the ride I hopped off to get a couple pictures of her. YES, I let my baby thoroughbred stand in the field while I backed up a couple of steps to take a picture. Yes, there is a special circle of hell reserved for me. I know.

I love this bridle. It's an M. Tolouse I got for $40 used. I just got some reins to match - there's a tack review in my future!

Gotta love that expression.

I think I could probably track down pictures of that saddle pad from the 1990s. I've had it forever.

I freaking love this.
I think that if she's got the talent to be a show hunter, I might steer us in that direction. I think it will be the best for her long-term soundness, considering the vet school study, and it's fun. I'll have to practice my braiding and learn to stay on top of fashion trends, but she's certainly pretty enough. No doubt about that.

Stay tuned for Part II, coming tomorrow!


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    1. Thanks! Oh, did your other comment on an earlier post get deleted? I saw it come in and don't see it now. Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting! :) I love your blog!

    2. (Just wanted to make sure Blogger didn't eat a comment they shouldn't have and that you don't think I removed it for some reason.)

  2. It's important to start to teach them to pose at an early age. ;) When she's as old as Cuna, she'll be a pro. The bridle is pretty classy on her.

    1. Hahaha yup! Lex is a diva, but she also has a habit of flipping her ears back the minute I snap the photo. I'll have to post a blooper reel at some point.

      Once I get a real job and can indulge all my tack-whore impulses (well, not ALL of them, but more of them) I'll have to get your feedback. I also have a plain black bridle that looks cute on her, but since my saddle is brown I can't handle it. Maybe someday I'll get a black dressage saddle or something. Or maybe I'll sell it because I really like brown tack the best. It's probably already too small for Rocket so there's no sense hanging onto it for her! :)

      You have a better eye than I do for these things, but I think a super-blingy browband would look a little strange on her. The raised fancy-stitch is fine, and I adore the leather quality, but getting too fancy with piping and that kind of thing might be a problem. Thoughts?

  3. I don't think she's going anywhere in those pictures, I do that all the time :)

    1. It's the only way to get a decent picture if there's no one around to help! Otherwise I'd only get pictures of her nose. :)