Monday, April 29, 2013

It's almost time for... ROCKET!

I should not be sitting here typing this! I should be packing and getting the dogs ready for our road trip tomorrow. I'm gonna drive the three of us up to Virginia tomorrow, Wednesday I'm going to hang out and ride TJ and maybe also get a ride at my old h/j farm, and then Thursday, Mom and I will bring Rocket and Somara back to her place. Yay!

The next 8-9 days will be pretty Rocket-centric, so let me give a brief Lex update.

It's all about me and my cute ears.
Today I rode Miss Mare after I fed the other horses and turned them out. We started out with the rope halter doing some ground work stuff (closer to the lunging Sharon wants us to be doing!) and she was good. A little sticky to the right, not wanting to walk off when asked, but chill the whole time, and she figured out join-up pretty well. The trick to that is, limit the potential for grass consumption. Then she stood still like a champ at the mounting block and we rode in the ring, working on our baby half-halts that Sharon had us doing in our first lesson. She really loves walking around on the buckle, but only for a few strides at a time. It's a challenge to keep playing around with the reins so much, but it'll pay off in the end. The trot work was very nice as well. She never really got quick and was quite responsive to my seat. I was pleased as punch with her. What a good, good girl. She also got her spring shots today and stood like a champ for them. I'm going to miss her so much this week!

My mom sent me about a million Rocket pics, because she was able to go visit her today, so I'll leave you with some of those. Send us good thoughts for the road trip! I wish my dogs could take a driving shift - 16 hours is a long way.

She's two weeks old today and look how freaking big she is!

That tail is gonna look really cool when it's all grown out.

Hard to beat that view, man.

The foal is cute but I am also thinking about what I'd do to have grass that nice in my field in Florida.

Being cute wears a body out.