Sunday, August 3, 2014

Redmond's First Few Days

Okay, gonna try using my phone for posts because my lack of real internet makes posting pictures nearly impossible. And you need pictures of a big goofy red horse in your life. 

Y'all, Redmond is a real treasure. He's sweet, quiet, laid back, and kind. I am so happy to have him here, and I hope we can get him fattened right up.

He came off the trailer at my friend's fancy show barn like a pro, and went right to his hay in his stall like he'd always known that's what was waiting for him (experienced show horse, yay). There's a BNT camping out for the summer at the show barn, and all his working students were running around. Red didn't mind the chaos at all. I kind of minded the gross looks he was getting from the working students, but we weren't there long.

On Saturday, the fancy show barn's owner kindly trailered him to my house for me. Once again, on and off the trailer like a champ, and settled right into his stall with no squealing or any kind of antics. Even Rocket seemed chill about it and she--being a yearling--is not chill about much.

So now we begin the process of getting this big old handsome fellow back to his fighting weight. And I wouldn't be me if I weren't aiming for a gleaming coat.

Let's look at our handy-dandy body condition score chart:

When Red got off the trailer from Florida, he was a 2. This wasn't a total shock because I'd been warned that he was thin, and horses will often lose 100-150lbs on a trip like that, especially if they don't drink or eat hay. Now, I'd say he's a 3--he's put that weight back on but is still way too thin for my liking.

His poor croup looks especially pathetic. 

Even that picture doesn't do it justice. You can also see how poor his coat quality is. There's no shine there at all. 

Also tragic are his mane and tail. Or the lack thereof. 

He's rubbed out what was probably once a nice mane and tail. The bugs in Florida were clearly making him crazy. And it's going to take a long time to grow that hair back. 

This morning I gave him a bath because he just seemed kind of sticky and gross. My mom was out of horse shampoo so I just used cowboy magic conditioner. This was probably better anyway. He can't afford to lose any oils that shampoo might pull away. One of the nice things about mom's barn is that it has hot running water, so I was able to give him a warm shower. He loved it--licking and yawning. He didn't move the whole time, and it took me awhile to rinse all the crud off. 

This evening I decided to tack him up and take him for a short walk in the ring. I thought he might enjoy it and I wanted to see how he'd do. 

Doesn't he look handsome in his pretty bridle? He's used to dressage tack but I think his face works in the hunter bridles I love. I'll have to get SprinklerBandit to weigh in. Glad I have the Ogilvy so I wasn't putting my saddle right on his ribs. 

He was a delight under saddle. We walked for maybe ten minutes. I didn't even pick up the reins past the buckle. We'll walk for a week, eventually asking for a bit more contact but also wandering around in the pastures and stuff. He's out of shape and underweight, so the last thing I want to do is cause problems. 

Our brief walk wore him out so much that he couldn't even hold up his own lip. <3

This evening I walked out to check on him, and just happened to see a brace of foxes in his paddock! Love Virginia. 

I don't think he even noticed them. Too much yummy grass. 

I'm happy to have him here. I think he's very cool. I can't wait to get him worked up to trotting and cantering, and for the rest of the family to get back in town and meet him. 


  1. Sounds like he had a good trip up & is settling in well. Hope ye have fun together & your SIL has fun learning to ride on him z☺

  2. Poor guy, so skinny with icky coat. Hope he gets back to health quickly!

  3. Love him in that bridle! You'll have him fat and gleaming again in no time :)

  4. Awww I bet he already feels so spoiled! :)

  5. Jeez, he looks as bad as Winnie did when I adopted her. Thank God you have him now.

  6. He looks like a solid citizen, can't wait to watch his progress

  7. Such a nice face. :-) Bridle looks fab on him and yikes about the hair. :-/ He needs so much time and love.

  8. What a handsome lad there! Glad he's in a good home with groceries on the menu.