Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Horses

Note: I tried posting this DAYS ago, thought Blogger app ate it, and just found it again. Not that this matters to you I'm sure. 

At the risk of jinxing myself, it seems all my babies are happy. (I am not happy because I currently have a million injuries including carpal tunnel, so I'm suffering typing this for you. I'm sure you're sooooo grateful. Heh.)


The gorgeous mare is loving her life. My mom went to see her with me and we fed her tons of carrots. She wouldn't let any other mares have any. I hope to go see her again next week. I loved visiting her and am getting used to the idea that she isn't mine. 


I need more Red pics for you. He is doing GREAT. Shiny, happy, fun to lightly hack around. His skin has calmed down and he's gaining weight. Stay tuned for a more detailed progress report. 


Rocket has been well behaved and is growing like a weed. She looks like a grown up horse already. It's time to get her used to tack and whatnot. 


I owe you some lesson recaps with this guy. We're getting better together all the time, except that pesky counter lead. He gets so pissed at my when I don't do it right. Mary's been out of town so we've been working on basics. Like forward. Shouldn't be hard on the hot OTTB, but it is somehow. 


Love this guy. Glad Mary lets me ride him when she's out of town. He's pretty easy for such a green bean. 

Once again, I promise I'm reading your blogs! I hope to be able to write comments again soon, as well as more detailed posts. 


  1. Pretty ponies! Looking forward to updates. Hope your wrist/hand/CT feels better.

  2. glad the horses are doing well - and hope you're recovering too!

  3. The Blogger app sucks so bad and strangely enough the arm motions 2 Chainz does are great for Carpal Tunnel lol

  4. Awww, Lex looks really happy, and I LOVE Rocket's hay hat :)

  5. Hehehe I giggled at Rocket

  6. I love hearing how well everyone is doing!! (minus you-sorry about the carpal tunnel!)

  7. Feel better soon! Glad lex seems happy and you have lots of pony noses to keep you busy:)