Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Unflappable Mo

YOU GUYS. Somehow I wound up with the best stripey-faced gelding on the east coast. How'd that happen?

Things that Mo is good at:

1. Having a kissable nose.


2. Being friends with Scout Wonderful.

Mo looks like SUCH a baby.
3. Hanging out with baby deer.

Today, just before I got on. He thought she was so cute.

4. Walking over the horse-eating astroturf that Seneca will not go near.

Like a trail horse.

5. Walking over the horse-eating liverpool that Seneca would have a heart attack if we approached.

Like a boss.

6. Falling asleep while I coo over him to take pics the one time I've had him in the ring alone and thus couldn't annoy M.

He'll fall asleep when I stop to chat with M while riding, as well.

7. Being cute on the cross-ties.

Give that freaking baby a hug.

That's one for each day I've had him since I brought him up on trial. Thus far, the only things he's bad at are a forward walk (improving) and letting us mess with his ears (since M touches his ears every time she gets near him, and since I feed him carrots while I rub his ears, this is improving as well).

Pretty excited over here!


  1. He is adorable, his facial expressions in all these photos are priceless.

  2. He is definitely kissable/huggable. He has such a kind expression, that kind of old soul in a young body look to him (if that makes sense). I think you definitely found a good one!

  3. His nose is completely kissable! :) So happy you are loving him!

  4. omg he is such a sweetie. love his baby face!

  5. So much cuteness going on! I love him, looks like a total keeper!