Monday, August 4, 2014

Rocket gets a Makeover

Rocket fans, never fear. The spotty filly is doing just fine and is getting bigger all the time. My sister in law hadn't seen her in a month and was shocked the other day. I need to take more pictures of Her Cuteness. 

This summer has been a bit hard on Rocket in some ways. It hasn't been as hot as it can be (and I'm used to Florida) but she's big and hairy. She's super itchy and her mane has been making her neck sweaty all the time. 

I tried braiding her mane to at least help her neck get some air, but that required daily maintenance that annoyed her even more than me. 

Today she was really going nuts and I found a tick in her mane. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I texted an apology to my mom (who loves long manes) and got out the scissors. (You try pulling the insanely long and thick mane of a wiggly wild yearling. Go ahead.)



I think she looks like a totally different horse--perhaps even a horse I will ride someday. She's such a cutie pie, and hopefully a more comfortable cutie now. 


  1. Uh oh - I love my Nancys long mane; even though it is completely uneven after she caught a chunk of it in a tree when it was plaited last winter..lesson learned. No more turnout when sporting a running braid!
    However agree in general that shorter manes look good on sport horses, I keep Kika's short during autumn/winter but let it grow out a bit during the summer so that she can get her flick on to dismiss flies ;)

    1. Long manes aren't to my taste. I was willing to let Rocket's go until she started her work under saddle, but her mane was not helping her keep bugs off--it was attracting them. A constantly sweaty neck will do that. Alas. She seems so much more comfy now.

    2. I like the look of long manes on certain horses (Friesians & crosses included) but know that it's not to everyone's liking. ☺
      To each their own, Rocket is a babe no matter what hairstyle she is rocking

  2. OH GOD I CRIED. Running braid next time, woman! ;D

    Teasing aside, she does look totally adorable with the shorter mane. I love her!

  3. Oooo, love that look on her. Totally hate long manes ;)

  4. I think she looks so grown up now!

  5. The shorter mane allows you to see her nicely developed neck =)