Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Announcement: The Red Horse is Coming!


Back in January, a good friend in Florida who is also a dressage rider told me that she was going to be beginning the rehab on a horse named Redmond who had a suspensory injury. My friend's own horse was retired because of neuro issues, so I was happy for her. This horse used to be a big-time jumper before his injury but not hot the way those horses can be a lot of the time.

Love me!

A couple months into riding this horse (whose suspensory issue was over a year before she got on him), she told me a lot about how nice he was. She was riding him several days a week, and a total beginner was riding him once a week, and he was great for both.

Oh, and he's a Hanoverian--not a 1983 foal, this is his lifenumber.
Red's owner decided after awhile that he could be free to a good home, at which point my friend started bugging me to take him. I couldn't--I was in Ohio, had nowhere to keep him, etc.

Those are some kind eyes, no?

But then it started to make sense to me. My sister in law wants to learn to ride. I was getting nowhere fast on Lex (more on her some other day). I had people who wanted to pay me for lessons but nothing to teach them on. And we have a stall open at my mom's.


So after a relatively small amount of hair pulling, the owner agreed to give me Red! Of course, he isn't really free because I had to pay for the shipper, but he is on his way here now. Probably due to arrive in the middle of the night, as they always do. He's gonna love it: he'll get fattened up, groomed to his heart's content, and loved on by this family and our friends. It's perfect.

Nothing a few extra groceries and a stall can't fix.

So yay for Red! I can't wait for him to arrive. It'll be so, so nice to have a horse around that I can do normal things like drop my stirrups on, or take on a trail ride, or teach kids on. Plus I get to look at those ears every day. Who wouldn't want that?


  1. He looks like a sweetheart! Congratulations!

  2. I'm super excited for you! He sounds like such a cool horse!

  3. Awww congrats!! I love his big ears! :)

  4. LOVE those ears! Super excited for all the fun you two are going to have!

  5. How exciting, i hope all goes well with his shipment and that you guys have loads of fun together & teaching others :)
    Moar photos of those ears please!!!!

  6. Handsome boy! Congratulations!!