Monday, July 21, 2014

The Boys

One of the few things holding me back from the brink at the moment is M's generosity in letting me ride two of her horses while she's out of town. I've introduced Seneca to you before, but I think this time I will have the ability to post very unflattering pictures of him!

Check out all that dressage gear action. Double bridles are even more fun
to tack up with when the horse is really tall and doesn't want the bridle on.
Gotta get two bits in there!

"Why are you posting these gross pictures of me??"
Seneca is actually a very beautiful horse. Dressage judges apparently either love him or dismiss him from the ring, because he is either being a world-beater or he's trying to kill M. But he likes me because I don't ask him for much, and we've had a nice time trotting around the last few days.

And this is Spike! Spike is a 7-year-old TB cross. I knew his mother--I was actually there at her birth. Spike's grandmother Prickles was my friend D's big eventer before she switched to jumpers. She got her A on Prickles and had her until she died. I hacked her around a couple times when I was a teenager. Prickles had one foal for her, a filly named Blossom. M and D are good friends, because they're both wonderful people. M rode Blossom for a long time, took her 4th level, though I don't think she evented her. M bred her to a big eventing stallion whose name I can't remember, and the outcome is this gorgeous boy. Seriously, Spike is one of the best-looking horses I've ever seen. He's also a real pleasure to ride (when he's not being a runaway at the canter, but I'm just doing w/t on him since I'm riding alone while M is gone). He is easy peasy and really lets me practice. He's also an enormously talented jumper. Do not be surprised AT ALL if he's in Rolex in a couple years, and I'll be happy that I got to ride him a few times.

I've also been spending more time with Rocket lately. I think this is helping our relationship. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but I feel we don't know each other well at this point. The way I get to know horses is by riding them, so my 16-month-old and I aren't having that experience yet. But I've been brushing her every day (though you'd never know it because she immediately rolls in the grossest thing she can find--asking for more brushing, I think!), and generally just loving on her without letting her get away with being pushy. And--knock on wood--I haven't had any trouble handling her lately. Rocket wants to know that she's a good girl, and to show you that she remembers what you taught her. She's also a baby who sometimes can't help herself, but I don't carry a grudge. I think she's getting more attached to me, which is cute. Last night some assholes down the road set off fireworks and my poor horses were freaking out, so I walked over to the fence and she came right up to me and stayed with me until I was satisfied the fireworks were over (yes, I called the cops) and went back inside. She's gonna be a cool horse when she grows up.

Finally, Lexi seems to be feeling a bit better. I was worried about her on Saturday because she seemed depressed. I took her vitals and they were normal, good cap refill and all that. On Sunday she looked a lot happier. Her pony is at Pony Club Festival so she has to stay in or she'll run herself ragged. I'm letting her out while I'm there to keep an eye on her, but don't trust her not to panic in the middle of the night. So she's been getting a lot of hand grazing time, which is one of her favorite things. That seems to seriously improve her outlook on life.

All in all, a copacetic weekend at both farms. I hope the same is true for all of you!


  1. So many ponies!

  2. Two gorgeous boys!
    Rocket sounds like such a sweetheart - just like my Nancy. Got to love them friesian crosses ♡
    Hope Lex continues to lap up the extra attention ☺

  3. They both look like really nice horses! I'm glad you got to have some fun riding :)