Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ride the Cow

Another fun dressage lesson with Lexi today. I'll tell you, trotting 10m circles is hard work, but this work is paying off.

I didn't realize how little I've been asking Lex to hold the contact. She gets SUPER evasive and has about a million tricks up her sleeve (shoulders bulging out, falling in, speeding up, head up, rooting, spontaneous leg yield) that make her tricky, but when she gets it, she's got a hack-winning trot. Mary's idea is that we just have to ride this fussy stuff out. It's not fun exactly, but it's educational.

Sometimes I feel like we're making breakthroughs. Today she had some moments of great connection to the outside rein and lifting her withers. We found ourselves with a great balanced circle that almost felt like a rollback, which meant she was using the outside rein and stepping under.

Mary's advice overall was to just keep doing what we're doing and she'll figure it out. She was a little bit of a cow at one point, but she got over it. She's ready for this pressure, and I just have to make myself do it. Sometime in the next couple days, though, I'll probably just give her a hack day or something so she doesn't get too wound up.

As Mary said the other day, riding green horses isn't all kissing, clucking, and carrots!


  1. I'm glad that you're starting to ask Lex tougher questions -- she's a smart girl who wants to please, so she'll get there!

  2. I swear I just had this same lesson.

    And wrote a detailed write up.