Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another First: Lex the Trail Horse

This has been a very educational week for Lex. Let's recap:

1. First canter jump.
2. First line.
3. First field trip.
4. First time jumping in a ring with another horse in it.

And then today, she added
5. First trail ride.

I'm so proud of her. She isn't always a perfectly obedient little lady, but I wouldn't want her to be. She wasn't sure at all about the trail ride concept from the beginning. M went with us, but on her spookiest horse. As soon as he stepped into long grass, she was like, wut? But we moved along and she was fine until we got to the steep downhill rocky trail, at which point she flipped me the bird with both hooves and was all, "HORSES CAN'T DO THAT." But M's horse was already heading down and so I put my leg on (that never happens) and let the reins slip through my fingers and she worked her way down. Then we did a loop in the meadow, which Lex thought was slightly less torturous but she really wanted to pass M's horse and I wouldn't let her. I knew we couldn't run into his butt because he'd lose his mind and M would have been in my saddle with me, but I wanted Lex to have the visual barrier and not get her way about the pace. After the meadow loop, we went back up that same steep, rocky hill. Lexi was all, "This is SO. STEEP! I am going to DIE TODAY." I was all up in two point and holding mane and trying to stay out of her way. Meanwhile, M is in front of me in a dressage saddle and letting the horse carry her up the hill. It was hilarious.

I have a feeling that Lex will like the trail once she gets used to it. The terrain meant she actually had to use her butt instead of just lurching along like she does sometimes. She was a very good girl, and this kind of work will be good for her even if it seems like eating her broccoli right now. I'm supposed to end our rides by going for a walk around the property so she gets used to it. Especially because we may have a couple more firsts upcoming: a cross-country school on Sunday and a combined test the next weekend (local folks: it's not Sandstone, it's Morningside).

Getting the summer off right.


  1. Downhills for a green horse can be really scary. You kind of have to train them to go down the hill, especially steep hills, the first time. I love the "natural cavelletti" aspect of trail riding, since the horse is forced to pay attention to where they are putting their feet.

    Congrats at what I consider the best part of riding a horse.

  2. :-D It all sounds like so much fun!! Love that you guys are getting out to do stuff.