Thursday, May 8, 2014

Preparing to Move. Again.

One of the many things to love about OTTBs is that they're used to moving around a lot. Some of them have traveled more than I have in my life. Lex has seen a fair amount of moving around since I got her, although we haven't traveled to any shows or anything. She is more used to this than I am, and also has the benefit of not knowing she's about to move again, and not having to arrange any of the logistics.

When I shipped her to Ohio, I used C&E Horse Transport. They did a marvelous job with her--she was the only horse on the rig since she was coming north when every other horse was going to Florida, so they upgraded her to a box stall for free and gave her all the hay she could eat. She arrived happy and in good shape. She slept all day long instead of worrying about where she was. It was great. I'd use C&E again in a heartbeat, and in fact did give them a call when I was ready to figure out Lex's shipping arrangements.

Awesome Girlfriend loaded the horse for me in FL.

Lex got to look out the window the whole way--her favorite activity.

But… they couldn't do it. They just aren't going anywhere near northwestern VA this time of year. So I called two other places, and they were like, "…maybe? We'll get back to you."

This does not help my control-freak nerve issues. I want to know WHEN she is going to be picked up and BY WHOM, dammit. I also want her to have UlcerGard and Banamine before she gets on the trailer, but the way things were looking as far as my travel plans go, I wasn't sure I could both put her on the trailer and get her off. And I didn't think I'd be able to rely on anyone else to put her on the trailer (what if they arrived at 2:30am?). So I was starting to turn into an enormous ball of stress about the whole thing. Was I going to have to hack her all the way to VA? Pulling her tack trunk, which at least has wheels? That would make the evening news, I'd imagine.

Enter SuperMom.

My mother is going to drive all the way out here with her truck and trailer on Saturday, and on Sunday we are going to load up the horse and be off to VA. I am so relieved I could cry. I can put her on the trailer, making sure she gets what she needs to prep. I can personally oversee her water consumption. I know the driver about as well as I know any human in the world, and she knows how much the horse means to me (although Mom is a nervous wreck about it: she's like, "If we get in an accident and anything happens to the horse, you'll never forgive me!" and I'm all, "Um, you're my mom. I love Lex beyond all measure, but you're my mother."). I should point out that this Sunday is Mother's Day. My mom will have absolutely earned a huge celebration!

Now I'm rushing around to get as many papers graded before I leave as possible, and to pack up, and do all those things people have to do to do an interstate move with a horse. But instead of freaking out, I'm mostly excited. A little nervous, of course, but overall, I can't wait to see what this summer has in store for the Wild Child and me.

What strategies or routines do you use to keep you and your horse happy when traveling?


  1. I think it is an illuminating window into your mom's soul that when she envisions an accident her immediate worry is about the horse's safety and not her own. And preventing your feelings being injured, not her body. She is the most wonderful person I've never met.

    1. Absolutely. She is an incredible person. I'm so excited to spend a lot of time with her this summer. We've got plans to have ALL OF THE FUN with horses together. If you want to take a drive down to VA and hang out with us, we'd love to have you!

  2. Awww hope she has a good trip!

  3. I HOPE LOTS OF CARROTS BEFOREHAND is on someone's list.... cause that's happening. And snuggles.

  4. Yay!!! Mother's are the best:) I do bran mash before shipping and upon arrival. I don't medicate. When I stop I offer water. That's about it. She will be fine. Have a great trip :)

  5. Awesome. :-) Couldn't ask for better arrangements.