Sunday, May 11, 2014

Quick Update: Safe and Sound

We're in VA! Everything went smoothly. Lex hauled like a champ (and my mom did an amazing job). She stepped off the trailer at Mary's and immediately started eating grass. I hand-grazed her for awhile (while my mom unloaded the trailer--SuperMom!) and then put her in her stall. She found the pile of alfalfa in the corner and dug in, happy as a clam. Some of the other horses in the barn were freaking out, but Lex was super chill. She didn't drink as much as I'd like, but she never does.

Mom and I went home for a bit to do Mother's Day stuff with the rest of the family, and then went back out to check on her. Mary wasn't home from the Pony Club rally yet, so I just turned her out in a paddock for a little while and let her wander at leisure. I also hand grazed her while the family dogs showed off how amazing they are at rasslin' and growling, and they were literally right under her and she didn't care. I think that once she figures out how to be ridden, she's going to be easy at the shows. I'm so excited that I get this summer to work on making my horse awesome!