Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoroughbred Mare Realness

Y'all, before I write about horses, I have to congratulate myself for getting through that epic road trip alone (well, with only the dogs for company, but they mostly slept the whole time and were not interested in the license plate game). I did the drive in thirteen hours yesterday, which is a personal best. The minute I got home, I fed the animals and then drove myself to get an enormous pile of enchiladas, which I devoured before passing out.

I miss this little girl already, though!

I'm feeling much more refreshed today because I got to scurry out to the barn early to see Lex! I really felt like I was home when I got to snuggle with Ms. Ponynose.

Let's go let's go!
 I think she was happy to see me, too. Might be all in my imagination, but she was in an excellent mood this morning, all happy and relaxed and totally perfect. Clearly, the week off didn't hurt her at all. We started with some groundwork, and she was great. I am going to start lunging her for real tomorrow, though, not because she needs to get any energy out before I get on her, but because it'll help her balance. She's such a good girl, though. She was quiet and lovely today, and I didn't pick up the reins at all. We stayed in the ring because I was alone and the other horses were being dingbats in the field where I usually ride, but she was really, really good. Did I say that already?

The cutest ever.

And then my day got even better, because at long last, I got to ride my precious, beautiful Duchess!
Thanks, Tack of the Day, for some cute Nunn Finer brushing boots for the little lady to prevent another accident!
Look at that face. She is the sweetest, loveliest horse around. I wish I had the money to take her to shows, because I think she could show the hunter ring a thing or two.
I can also stand loose in the field while Jess takes photos!
Duchess did dressage through second or third level but just doesn't like it. Before she cut her leg and had to go on her six-week hiatus from riding, we were really getting somewhere with her balance over a short course of tiny jumps. We're going to have to work ourselves back up there, but she was SO much fun to ride today. Duchess is forward but not quick, and she never does anything naughty, stupid, silly, or unpredictable. She was a great confidence builder for me when I started riding again. We didn't do a lot today because I want to bring her back slowly and not worry her old-lady joints and because she needs her feet done. I did let her jump a teeny-tiny little log from the trot and she was super proud of herself. I'm looking forward to doing some trot sets with her soon so I can do them in two-point and work on my fitness. Yay?

I'm glad Rocket is a filly. I freaking love mares. No shade to geldings, of course! I'm just lucky to have a set of good girls right now.


  1. Duchess is super cute. I mean, all your girls are. :) Rocket sure is adorable. It'll be fun to watch her grow up.

  2. I'm not a mare person, but I know that tons of people love them! Glad you got home safely - that is a long stretch of driving.