Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Abscess Watch 2013

There's nothing like sitting around and waiting for pus to drain.

We're pretty sure it's an abscess that's deviling Lex. She's sound-ish on the grass, but hobbling lame on concrete, which is a good sign. The hoof testers showed a lot of pain in her toe, and her digital pulses are still elevated. Ted dug around with his hoof knife a bit and found some bruising. It could just be the bruises that are bothering her (this mare is not stoic and bruises do hurt), but Ted thinks there's an abscess in there somewhere. She's being turned out in the paddock around the barn with Lovely Barn Mate S's saintly Percheron gelding, Charon. They seemed happy all day and were contendedly grazing when I left them, so hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. She's got a diaper duct taped to her hoof, which she isn't thrilled about.

This morning she had even more reasons to file with the Annoyed Pony Association.

Diaper hoof!

Awkward back-icing!

At least she gets the yummy grass.

This morning I also had the chance to ride one of Kris's horses, a jumper prospect named Taylor. Taylor is my least favorite horse in the barn when it comes to the barn worker perspective, because she bites and kicks and does stupid things like run through walls. But, oddly enough, she's actually pretty fun to ride. And she's GAWGEOUS.
Supermodel of the World.
She's a very fancy horse. She's also for sale, if anyone wants gorgeous and athletic and doesn't mind kinda-nutty.

Cross your fingers that Lex has busted out that abscess tonight. And think good thoughts for L. Williams and Sprinkler Bandit. They could both use it.


  1. Hope a big nasty abscess bursts soon! That mare is gorgeous.

  2. My you got her rigged up! Hope that abscess busts clear!