Sunday, May 26, 2013


I meant to post this last night, but after I got home from running back and forth between both barns all day (and they're almost 30 minutes apart, sigh) I collapsed.

The good news is, Lex looked great yesterday. She trotted up to me in the field, walked into the wash rack with no problems, and was her usual snuggly self. We're getting close to being able to ride again, I think. Fynn continues to be a space cadet while I work with him, so I'm gonna have to figure that out. I rode Zephyr yesterday, too. He's a tense horse, but once he relaxes he really goes great. We're considering taking him to some dressage shows, so I'm going to have to learn to sit down! Ha! There was a photographer at the lesson farm yesterday so hopefully we'll have some good pictures of the Z-man soon.

But for now, it's Rocket Time! Mom reports that she is doing great, learning all of her little ground lessons extremely well, and is friendly and a delight to be around. She's also definitely growing feathers. Mom took these pictures after a big rain storm, so she got to see Rocket bravely exploring puddles and having fun with that. Rocket also got a free bath thanks to the rain, and apparently LOVED being rubbed down with a towel.

Without further ado!

Sorry it's blurry, but she was following the cat around and I couldn't resist posting it.

Filly Meets Puppy.

Who is THAT beautiful horse looking back at me?!

Beasted the water. Ain't no thang.

Maybe she's born with it...

Maybe it's Maybelline.

Can I walk through it this way too?!

I am going to be a cross-country machine.

Who's that lady?
She is getting so big! Her mane lies down flat already. Mom said her mane and tail are super curly. We are going to go through a lot of mane and tail conditioner, I bet.

Off to ride Zephyr again this morning! I read the Intro tests last night and there's nothing in there we won't be able to do in a couple weeks at the potential first show, as long as he can hold it together emotionally. Given how well he's been doing at the lesson farm, I think he'll be okay. So here's my question: What do people wear in dressage shows these days? I probably haven't ridden in one in 15 years.

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