Friday, May 31, 2013

It's a good thing I like horses

Because I am WORN. OUT.

I got up this morning to feed the horses (after feeding/walking my zoo at home), packed my car full of Lex's stuff while they ate, changed out Lex's hoof wrap, and turned them all out. Then I rode Taylor, who was a sillyface. She was INCREDIBLY DISTRACTED through the entire ride and spooked at everything she could see. She's challenging to keep straight and even more challenging to keep focused. Her owner is interested in having me take lessons on her with the h/j pro who brought her along, which I'm certainly down for, of course. Anything to learn something new!

Then it was back home, walk dogs, make a grilled cheese sandwich (it was 10am, beeteedubs) which I ate in the car on the way to the lesson barn. I got there in time to ride Zephyr before my first lesson. He was very good, and much less of a sillyface than Taylor. If he spooks and I send him forward, he doesn't go looking for another thing to spook at. He settles in. I love that. I think he's such a nice horse, and Regina is lucky to have him. I hope I can be helpful.

Next, one lesson, then back home again to walk the dogs and finish an article that's due to a journal tomorrow (SUCCESS!) and to wolf down a real lunch. Back to the lesson barn again for two lessons (and I had the world's cutest kid in the second one) and then BACK to Lex's barn to change out her wrap AGAIN and to ride Duchess. I know I didn't technically have to ride Duchess today, but I needed to spend some time with the old lady. It'll be hard for me to maybe not see her as often. I just threw the bareback pad and bridle on her and went for a walk around the field. Barn Mate K was hacking her gelding around so we ended up walking around the field together and chatting, and it was fun - especially when we found a SERIOUSLY newborn kid goat! We saw him get to his feet for the first time.
I have legs!

Yoga seems like a good thing to do when you're two minutes old.
K got off her gelding and I ponied him back to the barn while she carried the kid (mama goat followed right with her - she knows this routine by now) and put them in the goat pen. I wasn't sure how Duchess, who is a thoroughbred mare and thus touchy about her personal space, was going to do with ponying a cranky QH, but she was pretty good. I mean, I think she half-passed her way up the field while snorting at him, but he just came along and was a good sport about it. Considering that I was on a bareback pad, I appreciated their relative goodwill.

Now I'm home, and have finally had a dinner I didn't have to inhale. I'm SO EXCITED about Lex's moving day tomorrow. I'm planning on not working all day, and just focusing on getting her settled in and happy.

I've rarely worked this hard in my life. I love what I'm doing, and getting to ride so much is an incredible gift, so I'm not complaining at all. I just need to keep working on that stupid dissertation at some point...

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  1. I think I need a goat. It would be so cute! Hope you can get some good sleep and re-charge.