Sunday, May 26, 2013

Another Photo-Heavy Post

I'm tiiiiiiired. Serving up three-job realness!

Lex's back still hurts, so my barn owner's husband (an equine surgeon) is gonna look at her tomorrow and see what he sees. I'm guessing she is sore from the sand and hill-work (those being the only two options around here for footing) so she's gonna need a little time off and maybe some muscle relaxers to help her get over it. I read this really helpful article on equine back pain and this paragraph stood out to me:
 Lack of athletic fitness is another common cause of back pain. "Unfit horses in the process of getting fit have the highest incidence of back problems," says Stephen Soule, DVM, whose West Palm Beach, Florida, practice includes many show horses. Abruptly introducing horses to more work than their bodies are prepared to withstand stresses the back from all directions. Even fit horses suffer back strain when changes in footing or terrain force them to alter their ways of going. Soule frequently sees back soreness in horses who have summered in New England and then been moved to Florida's deep-sand footing for the winter. Those who are relocated several weeks prior to the start of the winter show season fare better because they can have a period of reduced work to get "sand fit" before launching into full competitive efforts. Hill work can put a similar strain on horses' backs if they're used to being ridden only on level terrain. In itself, hill work is an excellent fitness and back-strengthening exercise, but it has to be introduced gradually, starting with slight inclines or minimal repetitions and increasing the challenges as the locomotor structures adapt.
Ding ding ding.

So I'll wait and see what the vet has to say, but that sure sounds right.

Madame Lex got her feet done AGAIN today. This four-week schedule is bananas, but the farrier trimmed off probably a 1/4" of hoof wall. My girl is a professional at growing out her feet. It's a problem I'm delighted to have.

I am the Queen of Spanish Moss. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.

I freaking love this freaking horse.
 She was a good girl for the farrier, and very snuggly and happy. I'm so glad. Because my farrier is a genius horsewoman, she said she was willing to take a look at saddle fit and stuff. She thinks my saddle actually fits Lex pretty well, but that I need a lot of padding around the withers because she's sore there (she's sore everywhere, withers to croup). She's got those prominent TB withers, which I know many of you have struggled with.

I rode Zephyr again this morning, and he was good, but I think the odds were against us getting a super nice ride because 1) it was morning feeding time and 2) I was time-limited because I had a lesson arriving. He didn't do anything naughty while mounted, but he is a monster on the ground. He needs to learn some rules and boundaries, STAT.

Here are some pictures of him from our ride yesterday!

Introducing himself to the dragons in the flower box.

My mom would love this horse's head. Ignore the goober holding the reins.

I don't think I look irredeemably huntery in this picture!

He's just beginning to relax here. Check out that foamy mouth!

Theeeeeere we go, starting to really chill out.

Yesterday was also the first day he was introduced to his new pasture-mates, so we got some pictures of that too.

Fancayyyy knee and hock action, bro.

Motorcycle pony.

He's a tall horse, probably roughly 17hh. I'm surprised that I don't look weird on him, because you'd think he'd look better under someone taller. I won't complain though!

Think good thoughts for Lex tomorrow. I hope she can get something to help her feel better, or at least a recommended course of action.

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