Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Your Horse Doesn't Act Normal"

"She acts like a person."

That's what my vet said today, and it's totally true. Lex really has a human quality. She's funny and smart, and I know she's bored out of her skull and sad that she doesn't get to go outside much. I'm hoping she feels better soon. The vet said I can really probably hand-graze her for longer than ten minutes at a time, and that it might be smart to do it in the round pen so that when I turn her out in there, she won't be like "WHAT IS THIS NEW PLACE?!" She's a smart lady.

The vet came out today to do a hyaluronic acid shot in her stifle, which is a bit puffy. Nothing to worry about, just trying to prevent synovitis. The vet sedated her to work on it, and she enjoyed the opportunity to have me hold her head. She's such a good girl.

I rode Riley again today, and she bucked a lot at the canter. I think it's because she hurts. She's only 17 days off four months of stall rest. I'm not 100% sure she should be doing all this stuff, but what do I know. The barn owner and her husband are vets. I love getting to ride her, but I don't want either of us getting hurt doing stuff she's not ready for. I won't have a chance to ride her tomorrow, so we'll see what her owner says if she rides her.

Also, lovely commenter and fabulous friend Shellian posted this video of Pal in the comments yesterday, and you should all see it because he is really cool. I think he just needs some consistency in his life.

Sleepiness is taking over, but I thought that what the vet said about Lex was too adorable not to share. I have a ton of lessons tomorrow so I'd better get a good night's sleep!