Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Three Months, Rocket!

My little girl is three months old! It's weird - instead of being all "I can't believe she's three months old already," I feel more like, "She's only three months old? It feels like she's always been here!"

Without further ado, here are a ton of pictures my mom sent me this morning. No, that's not a yearling. That's Rocket.

I am a mysterious lady.

Rocket and her uncle TJ, who is the size of an elephant.

Pretending to be demure.

Head over the fence: Done. Over the gate? Getting there.

Please note also that her butt is higher than the fence.
Ol' Knobby Knees.

The End!


  1. She is SO similar to our gypsy sporthorse filly in so many ways! And they're only a few days apart.

  2. She's beautiful! And she does look older and wiser than just three months!

  3. She is an adorable giant creature of fluffiness :)

  4. Squeeeeee she's so stinkin' cute!!