Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Trailer

Today my mom told me that Rocket is 13.2hh at the withers, 14hh at the croup, and string tests at over 17hh. I won't be at all surprised if she gets over 17.2hh. That'll be fun. Stacey at Behind the Bit has a fun post on foal height from a few years ago.

In other huge-horse news, Zephyr has been kind of a butt lately. Yesterday he broke the cross-ties AND his bridle when he took off after I'd put the reins over his head. I'm just glad the camp kids weren't in the barn at that moment. It was scary, watching all that stuff dangling around his very expensive legs while he galloped away. The thing that really made me mad was that he wasn't scared or anything. He just decided he'd rather go graze. I caught him, R fixed his bridle, and then I lunged him for awhile, and rode him as long as I could. He was great under saddle, he's just a moose on the ground.

When he is good, he is very very good, but when he is bad, he is horrid.
Today I got the chance to ride a very good horse who I've been in love with for a long time but for one reason or another, never got to ride: Duchess's four year old daughter Riley! She belongs to the lady who owns the barn where I used to board Lex (I still work there).

Before I bought Lex, I was sure I could never love a horse as much as I loved Riley, and I hadn't even ridden her. It never worked out for me to get on her, and then she was on layup for four months after she had an ultrasound-guided injection into her stifle to treat her subchondral cysts. What is it with me and bay fillies with stifle issues? Anyway, she was awesome. This was only the third time she'd been under saddle after coming off stall rest. She's got a great mind and will be a very good horse for someone who has a whole lot more money than I do.

Then I hopped on a gelding who belongs to Kris's friend, Pal. I don't have any pictures of him, I'll have to try to get some. I wouldn't call him a handsome guy, but he's a sweetheart. He's a cremollo with blue eyes. We're interested in him for the lesson barn, so I'm going to see if he'll be a nice solid citizen. He was spicier than I expected, which I like. Kicking isn't my favorite game.

Speaking of spicy, I also got another ride on Sahara, that palomino pony we're trying at the lesson barn. I haven't used him in any lessons because I don't have any riders who are both small enough and big enough. I think I'm much too big for him, which is too bad, because I adore him. I'd snap him up if I was about 40 pounds lighter and a few inches shorter. Alas. I don't think he'll work for us, because he's too hot. He's not a kid's pony. If anyone wants a FANTASTIC pony jumper prospect, please call me. He's wonderful. He's stopped his bucking, but he did bounce a horse-length one-stride the other day in a lesson with the other instructor. He's got the athleticism, enthusiasm, and the intelligence. He's just too small for most adults.

Last but the opposite of least, all Lex wants to do is snuggle. I spoke too soon about her puffy leg, which was a little puffy again today. The vet is coming out tomorrow anyway for some follow-up stuff, so she'll take a look. I was almost alarmed at how cuddly she was today - I hope she feels okay. I'm sure she's depressed. She started whinnying when I rounded the corner into the barn. My poor girl. I'll be out there for hours tomorrow because I'm doing the evening feeding, and I'm looking forward to being around her more.


  1. Poor Lex, don't be depressed! Hope that leg goes back down to normal size.

  2. Here's a link to a video I made a few years ago when they were first trying to sell Pal, before he went back into exile at his owner's ranch. I love Pal! When I used to ride him he was very light to the aids. He's smart and sensitive and a great trail horse. I would have bought him if I'd had the money.