Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Moar Rain

This rain is the worst. I can't teach lessons, I can't make money, I can't get new tires for my car. The jumping ring is totally under water. But there has been some fun!

In a break in the rain yesterday I hand-grazed Lex for awhile. She's so perfect.
Dr. Slim was there!

It's hard to see in this pic, but she's hella dappled.

 And today, Lex learned something new!

Gimme that muck rake!

I can clean my own stall!
I mean, if it keeps her occupied!

Zephyr has been having fun. Last night I crashed the other instructor's lesson because it was happening in the field, not the jump ring for obvious reasons. It was a group of advanced riders and they were all happy to have Zephyr along because he's so pretty and cute and everyone loves him. Considering it was his first ride out of the ring that I know of, and he was with a group of five other horses, he was very very good. I mean, he wasn't rideable exactly - he was doing his best giraffe impression and he thought standing still was stupid. He'd paw at the ground, turn his head around to look at me (he has a very long neck!) and nibble on my toes. But! No explosions of any kind. The canter was sideways as often as it was forward, but he didn't buck, spin, or bolt. You know? I'll take it. He's no Lex, but he's a'ight.


  1. Get that girl a job! Haha, Carlos used to sweep when he was in the cross ties, I always joked I was going to get him a job as a janitor so he could pay for his own cookies.

  2. Ahaha, yes, she can be the new stall mucker for the barn!

  3. Yay for getting rides in when you can. Also, I'll take some of that rain. Just don't send any lightning.