Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Surgery: A Success!

Hi y'all! Just a quick post to let everyone know that the surgery went fine, and to thank everyone for their kind words on the last post. I promise, things are gonna be good again soon and I won't be complainypants all the time. I really appreciate y'all who had stories about how they thought they broke something and they didn't. I've decided that I also did not break my foot. If it still hurts real bad Friday, maybe I'll do something, but I can't handle having a broken foot.

Anyway, I was very, very proud of Lex this morning. She got on the trailer in the dark. She settled right into her stall and ate hay. She was an excellent patient for the catheter in her neck, for the x-rays, for everyone who handled her. I got to hang out with her until she went for surgery, watch the surgery itself, and then hang out with her until R got back to pick us up. She was excellent the whole way through.
How come we only get alfalfa at the hospital??

Excellent window. And yes, I realize she is underweight.
That's an aspect of recent weirdness I haven't even touched on.

Watching the surgery was really cool. I got to see the whole thing on the ultrasound screen. When it was done, the surgeon turned to me and kinda did this little half-bow/half-shrug thing. After she came out of the anesthesia (by far the scariest part) and she was awake enough to handle it, I went to hang out with her. She was groggy and out of it.

Is this real life?

She also pretended to eat hay, even though there wasn't any hay left.
No, Mom, I'm toooooooootally normal. I promise.

After we got home I got her settled back in and took her hock wrap off. Her hock looked great, so I put more goop in her eye, kissed her on the nose, and left for awhile. I had to be at the lesson farm to meet with some peopel Of course, when I got back this evening, it was all swollen again. I called the vet and picked up the antibiotics she called in, came back, gave her the pills, cold hosed her hock, and then wrapped it again. I can't even tell you how tired I was. Am.

The view from the hosing position.
Was there ever a more unflattering neck angle?
She was a really good girl for everything. I just hope we've got some improvement tomorrow on the hock and that she gets through the night okay. I'm too worn out to function, so I'm off to bed. Thank you thank you for being so great. I really appreciate it.


  1. I'm glad everything went ok with the surgery, hopefully the antibiotics help with the hock situation and that your foot feels better soon.
    Look after you as well as Lex & all the other furry friends!

  2. Glad everything went well with the surgery! Now everyhting can go back to normal...

  3. So glad the surgery (and the dreaded recovery from anesthesia!) went well! I hope this is the last of her issues-you're having a terrible bad run and need a break!

    And I hope your foot is all better. I've broken bones on the same foot twice, thanks to the horses both times. The pain lasted a good 6 weeks each time. It was 2 months before the swelling & bruising disappeared. Just to give you a gauge. I would not have dreamed of loading & unloading a horse from a trailer during the first week of either of those 2 times-the pain would not have allowed it. I think you might just have some major bruising, considering everything you've been able to do regardless. ;)

    Fingers crossed that things start to look up for both you & Lex!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think it's bruising. I broke my other foot when I was 18 and didn't believe it was broken at all, but I was living with my parents at the time and they just dragged me by the ear to the ER. It was pretty badly messed up because I'd carried on walking on it, but this time, it started feeling better fast enough that I'm not worried. :)

  4. Glad everything went okay! Things will start looking up now :)

  5. I hope it all gets better for you from here! Focus on the positive and that the surgery was a success. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for both of your bumps and bruises!