Monday, June 24, 2013

Lunging and Some Cute Stuff

Y'all are such wonderful people. I really appreciate all the kind comments on the last blog post - they brightened my day.

No real Lex updates today. I tried to tape some of our lunging session, just in case anyone looks at this and a light bulb goes on over their head, and because it's good to keep tabs on this kind of thing. Note that our ring is relatively un-level and I picked the least level corner of the ring.

I don't know. I don't see anything super noticeably wrong. She seems pretty happy to go lunge. I can't tell if there actually is tightness in her back or if I'm imagining it. I have a vet coming to look at her on Wednesday. That should be helpful. On the fire ant front, the fly sheet seemed to work. She didn't have any welts on her today. I'm almost disappointed! I don't want to be That Kid with the fly sheet! But I also don't want her covered in welts, which can only be contributing to her discomfort. Plus if she's rolling all the time to scratch her back, that's probably not good for any pain she has there.

In other news, my mom sent me some cute pictures of my old man, Ink. I love this horse so much. I wish he was here with me.

He's always had that look of kind intelligence.

Not bad for 31!
 And finally, a new Rocket video! The horse right behind her is TJ, who used to live with me here in FL. The next one is her dam, Somara.


  1. she appears short behind to me. shorter to the left on left hind but i couldnt get a good view to the right. I'm sorry you are going through this, it's got to get better for you!

  2. I can't believe TJ is 31 - he looks fantastic!
    Rocket et al are so cute!
    Hope you get to the bottom of Lex's issues soon & that the vet can help shed some light on things for you!

  3. I agree with Amy; I see the same thing. To the right she seems more even in terms of general body movement, but it's harder to see her legs.

    This is one of those where it could be her back causing the shortness, or she could have an issue with a leg that is causing the back soreness. My mare became terribly back sore after an annular ligament injury (what we're currently rehabbing from). She would flinch at the slightest touch along her back. :( I had her on Previcox, and a month into that is when she started showing signs of having an ulcer. We took her off the Previcox and I've had her on Robaxin alone ever since. It has done WONDERS for her back-no pain at all anymore. My equine vet swears by the stuff-her eventer OTTB lives on it and has done fantastic on it.

    I hope the vet can find the root of the problem! It is so frustrating when you know there's something not quite right, and you can't find the answer.