Monday, June 3, 2013

Lex's New Hat

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last post. I really did feel like I was nearing the end of my rapidly-fraying rope. Despite the fact that I've had at least three crying jags today, I'm actually feeling a bit better. Mostly I think the crying is because I need to get more sleep, but I also hate it that she's been in pain for 1/3 of the time I've had her. That said, seems to be in slightly better spirits today, and is definitely more settled in. I think she's learning the routine (in during the day, out at night) and she likes her new fan!

My former barn owner, who I still work for and adore, gave me an optho mask to help protect her eye better while it's healing. I am SO grateful, and Lex is probably more comfortable in this than she was in the fly mask with a sweatshirt sewn in (and I'm leaving it that way, in case another horse needs it and we don't have an optho mask handy). I think it kinda looks like a racehorse mask.

If she can eat grass in it, she'll wear it.

She's half a bug.
She desperately needs a bath, but now's not the time. I'm gonna wait until her eye is less painful before I start torturing her with water, which she thinks is acid.

Things don't feel normal. I don't groom my horse, or clean my tack, or go for rides. I just want to get in a routine. I love getting to see her so much every day, I really do, but I'm also looking forward to feeling like it's okay if I only see her once a day because she's fine and in a good place, and if that once a day includes some grooming and saddle time and a happy horse, that would be ideal. I really like the new barn, it has lots of great people who have been so sweet and helpful with Lex.

Aaaaaand even though it isn't even 9:30 yet, I'm going to sleep.


  1. She looks like a badass in the mask. ;)

    Don't beat yourself up. She's improving, you're getting some sleep.