Monday, February 16, 2015

The Owls Approve Blog Hop: Nicknames

The weather here in Virginia is DISGUSTING. Disgusting. We're under a snow emergency right now, so I probably won't see Mo tomorrow, though I might take Red on a snowy hack around the fields if my school is closed. So in the meantime, I'm left to think about how cute the little bugger is. A nicknames blog hop is the perfect thing.

Mo first!

JC Name: Go Big (which is also his show name or M will kick me out of the barn)

Barn Name: Moses (which I was lukewarm about when I bought him. On the one hand, Moses was a liberator, and I'm down with that. On the other hand, as the story goes, he spent 40 years leading people through the desert and then died JUST before they got to the Promised Land. Bad times.)

Nicknames: Mo, Mosey, MoMo, Stripey Face

And for the big guy:

Registered/USEF Name: Amato Rosso

Barn Name: Redmond

Nicknames: Red, Dragon (I need to get his dragon face on video for y'all), Ears, Monster

I love my darlings. Fingers crossed the snow melts and it's in the 60s or something lovely before too long. My dad keeps telling me this is only going to be bad for a couple more weeks, but right now we don't have running water in the barn and I have to drag a wheelbarrow from the house through the snow, so even a couple more weeks sounds like the worst thing. Ugh.


  1. I could look at pictures of Mo all day! Love the nicknames:)

  2. Love the photos & nicknames. Boo weather :-(

  3. The weather is truly atrocious here too! NEGATIVE temps before factoring in wind chill #fml

  4. Red is such a cutie!! stay warm in all that snow!