Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mo Update: Still Cute

I'm in kind of a funny place right now with blogging, because I have regular internet access while I'm farm sitting at M's. But except for whining about the snow, I don't really have anything to say about the horses right now. I'm not riding because I don't have an indoor. So there are no lesson recaps, progress posts, riding photos, nothing. But today the horses stayed in because the ground is suddenly very icy, and so I had to put everyone in the wash stall while I was mucking. When it was Mo's turn, I pulled his rug off because I hadn't really looked at him without it in a couple days. Conclusion: He looks fabulous.

Hmm. Not the most flattering angle.
He's fat but not TOO fat (well, maybe close to too fat). He's quite shiny. And best of all...

Here's my cliche curry comb pic.
He is shedding! That has to mean spring is coming. Right? RIGHT??

As I said to Tracy when I was whining at her on the phone the other day, it doesn't do me any good if spring shows up but my horse is injured from the gross weather, or if my shoulder isn't functional (it's touch and go at the moment--a four year old child tackled me. Yes. He did. And now my never-quite-right, twice-surgical shoulder is screaming at me all the time).

But maybe, maybe, maybe we're getting close to the finish line here. And I really hope so, because there is a FANTASTIC looking show on March 21 that I really want to take him to. Check out the link and prepare to be amused by the class names. It looks relaxing and fun--the perfect first outing for him. But it's less than a month away now, and I want to have ridden him enough between now and then that he isn't totally feral.

Red is doing fine, too. He's adorable as always. Maybe I'll get to ride him next week, we'll just have to see.


  1. Your ponies are just so stinkin' cute! That show sounds great!!

  2. Cute faces make it all worth while! <3

  3. Mo looks fabulous and that show is hilarious! I hope you go :)

  4. yay shedding!!! that show def looks fun too - good luck :)

  5. That show is genius!

  6. Hahaha that class list is fantastic! Sounds like a lot of fun!