Monday, February 23, 2015

More Snow Pics

I know everyone is posting snow pictures, and even though everyone else's are better than mine, I'm going to post some anyway. Because it's all I can see, and if I don't post these snow pictures I'll be forced to write about how in my attempt to get to M's on Saturday (I'm farm sitting for a week), I had to abandon my car, get my dad to drive me part of the way here, and then walk the rest of the way. Or about how when I tried to turn the horses out on Sunday, after they'd all been in on Saturday from the blizzard, I had to drug four out of five of them (only the pony was spared my needle) in order to get them out without anyone getting killed. Or through how all of this I was texting SB for moral support--because there's not a lot she can do for me from Idaho--and practically in tears. And I'm sure no one wants to hear about that shit.

The view from the barn yesterday.
Pretty, you say? Bah. HUMBUG.

I stuck my foot in this water trough to see what was going on in there (no, not the broken foot--I was hoping to break this one in the process so I'd have a matching set).
Snow over ice. Quelle suprise.

I had to shovel snow to get this paddock gate closed. Thank fuck I realized I wouldn't be able to close it BEFORE I had a horse in my hand. The hilarious thing is, though, that I didn't turn any horses out here, because it's the farthest paddock from the barn and they were all acting like FUCKING PSYCHOPATHS so I chose a closer paddock and carried water to them in buckets all day.

Hell yeah arm muscles.
WTF vulture? He was like this for a LONG time.
Perhaps alerting other vultures to my immanent demise.
I did, eventually, get the motherfuckers out.

My darling Mo, background, was THE WORST yesterday. Rearing much?

Spike, next to the water trough, has given me five heart attacks per day over the last three weeks.

*shakes fist*

Bailey thinks he's at the beach. It was legit warm, like 46, on Sunday.
I'm sure you're just EXHAUSTED from doing FUCK-ALL, black dog.

 Sigh. Jumps. I miss you.

I do a whole hell of a lot to be able to jump these pieces of wood

SuperMom is on her way in a 4WD vehicle to come get me (let's not talk about my car--it's fine but I'm annoyed at it for not being a good snow-driving vehicle). I'll be right back here tonight but at least I can talk to another human, go to work and make money, and wear civilian clothes instead of the same gross barn gear I've been in for days.

I hope everyone is having a better winter than me. Maybe I'll just move back to Florida and panhandle (get it?).


  1. Yes to Florida. Or basically anywhere not the northeast. PEOPLE SHOULDN'T LOVE IN PLACES LIKE THAT.

    It's not ok.

  2. Move back to FL, it may rain all the time but at least it's warm! Thanks for reminding me why I moved south!

  3. Hang in there, winter has to end someday right?

  4. 46 is legit warm - we were practically dozing in the sunshine on sunday (never mind all the snow...). oh well... spring will come eventually and it'll be back to jumpin those sticks!!

  5. 0.o You are so badass for handling all that snow.