Friday, February 27, 2015


I think I might be too much of a pessimist, or too afraid of jinxes, to publicly talk about my goals for my horses and for myself. But because all I can think about right now is what I WANT to be doing, as opposed to what I actually AM doing, here's a crack at some short-range plans for Spring 2015.

1. Get the right lead figured out. He's a left-lead addict. There's nothing wrong with him physically. We've gotten there before, where it wasn't a big deal. We can get there again. This means cantering a lot.
2. Get the transitions on both leads to happen without a big leap forward or a lot of fuss. I think this is mostly for me to work on.
3. Have a canter I can ride a bit--nothing serious, but steering would be nice. [Are we sensing a theme?]
4. Lose the standing martingale. I have nothing against standing martingales, but he's not going to be a show hunter, and I don't want to feel like I have to have it to keep my nose in place. I'm mostly still using it because the canter is such a hot mess, but once that's all fixed up I think we'll be fine.
5. Once he's in regular work again, quit lunging.

Kissing this nose a lot is a goal too.

1. Take him to that adorable hunter show at the end of March. I don't care what classes we enter; I just want us to have a good time and for him to settle in.
2. M told me the schedule for the spring but I forgot it already. I think we're going to the Maryland Horse Trials twice, the Middleburg HT, and something else. Mo will go in the elementary division, which is unrated. I'm not planning on switching back to eventing, but I think this will be marvelous for his confidence. My goals for these are to get him into and out of the dressage ring in one piece, and to give him a confident ride over jumps.

Remember his first ride over a course of poles? CUTE.

1. Get some fitness on him by hacking out regularly.
2. Establish a good connection to the bit in the trot work (he's broke, but he's a jumper, and so his contact can be a little... inconsistent). I foresee dressage lessons with M.
3. Canter over some small jumps every two weeks or so, once fitness has been achieved.
4. See if he'll go XC schooling or if he'll take one look at the water or the banks or whatever and head for the bloody hills.

I miss summer, dammit.

1. Whatever sounds fun. I don't have spring goals for him, other than I'd like to take him places, either dressage or show jumping.


  1. oooh fun stuff!!! i'm hoping to make it to a couple mdht events too :)

  2. Good goals. =) Kissing noses very important.

  3. How do you get anything done all day besides standing there kissing that nose?!
    Have fun achieving your fab goals!