Monday, January 13, 2014

SHE'S HERE!!!!! Aka the Show Us Your Barn Blog Hop

Sorry, I really can't contain my excitement.

This driveway, but it was dark and the grass is dead!
 I got to the barn at 5am, and barn owner A was already up and at 'em. We hopped in her truck and met the rig at an intersection and led them back to the barn. There was no way they were getting up the driveway in the 75 foot semi, so we unloaded at the end of the drive, as you do. We threw all her stuff in A's truck. It was still dark, and would be for hours, so I led her up the very long driveway with Ashley behind us providing lights with her truck's headlights. A lot of young TBs - shoot, a lot of horses in general - would have been tough to lead under these conditions: cold, windy, dark, strange environment, just did a 16 hour trailer ride. But Lex was fabulous. She was up and snorted a little, but she didn't put a foot wrong the whole way. I talked to her as we went, and she always responds well to that. A was impressed. The driveway shot will have to count as the "view of the barn" for now because I forgot to take one of those! I'll make it up to you.

Once we got up to the barn I put her in her stall and she was very pleased to be there because there was hay and she was out of the wind. I didn't give her any grain - colic risk after that long trip - but she got some hay pellets so she'd feel like she got something. This seemed to satisfy her, and she'll get her normal dinner tonight.

My horse's living quarters! The cute grey trunk and Newmarket
sheet aren't mine, but the black trunk is.

After she was settled in, I left her to sleep. It was still quite dark out and I figured all the horses would be snoozing. But I couldn't contain myself for long, and I was back at 9am. I thought the dressage pro would be there, but I was alone the whole time. She was definitely sleeping when I got there, and I felt a little bad for waking her up. But I don't think she minded, especially because we snuggled for a very long time. Then I took her out and brushed her, and she was great. We went on a short walk around, and she got to look at some stuff, but we'll do more exploring later. Didn't venture into the indoor, but there's time for that. Today I just want her to rest and recover from the trip. I saw her drink water out of her bucket, and I hung another one with Horse Quencher in it too. Gotta order more of that stuff.

You can also see that I went ahead and made a stall sign like Lauren did, but waited to hang it until we got here.

While I had the paint out, I also painted these brushes.

Anyway, after grooming Lex I went to the tack room and put my stuff away. It's not the neatest tack room in the world, I guess, but it's a Pony Club/lesson barn. This looks about right to me.

There are two riding spaces here.

Very muddy outdoor.
Nice, if small, indoor!
 I've only been here a day, so I'm not sure what my favorite feature is yet. I guess I'll go with the fact that this dork lives there.

Confo Photo Fail.


  1. Replies
    1. It's great so far! MUCH better than the last place we were at in Florida. I'm so happy to have her here.

  2. Yay! Yes, I alwys do bran mash and oil before and after long hauls. She looks happy to be there! Wait until she sees snow!!

  3. Very nice!! Small or not, it's great to have an indoor. :) Hope she settles in nicely.

  4. Sadly I haven't been able to follow you guus closely since the summer (eep - where had the time gone?!) I am hoping to catch up, but in the mean time I'm so glad she's arrived safely & I ♥ the name plaque!

  5. Love the hand-painted brushes!