Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lex is on Her Way!

I am SO EXCITED. Lex is finally en route!

 The trailer arrived right on time, at 1pm. I am so relieved that my friends did not have to load her in the dark. She did have to walk down a very long driveway, about 1/2 a mile, that runs along a pasture. I thought the horses in the pasture might run around and get Lex wound up, but apparently she walked down the driveway as easily as she always leads.

 The Girl was generous enough to put her on the trailer for me, and my BFF was there as well - he took the pictures. They reported that she hesitated for a moment and then walked on, which is how she has loaded every single time I have put her on a trailer. She wants to take a minute to assess, and then she'll get on.

Because this trailer is coming north and everyone else wants to go south, she's the only horse on the rig. Even though I paid for a stall and a half, which means she'd be on crossties the whole way, they upgraded her to a box. It's not costing them anything, and it means the world to me. I'm happy she'll be able to put her head down to cough and eat the copious amounts of hay they gave her. Apparently they have a whole bale still that she can have. I'm guessing she'll eat as much as she possibly can. I just hope she drinks (yes, I worry excessively).

Lex loves to look out a window. No matter what barn she's been in, whether it was her barn at the old farm, at the hospital, or where the trailer picked her up, she's spent most of her waking time with her head out the window. Obviously she can't put her head out the window on the truck, but she can at least see the scenery go by. I think she'll be calmer and happier when she arrives because she's gotten to see stuff.

This morning I went to an IEA show with my new barn owner and her pony kids. It was great fun. The kids are hilarious and reminded me a lot of me and my friends when I was in middle school. I really like my barn owner a lot, and her horses all look fat and happy, so I hope this is a good situation for Lex.

I'll be on pins and needles until Lex gets here, probably around 5 or 6am. CANNOT. WAIT.


  1. That is awesome they upgraded her to a box free of charge! Hope she arrives safely!

  2. Great upgrade for Lex!! Good luck at your new place!