Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quick Update: Arrived!


That drive from Florida to Ohio was a LONG one, y'all. It took about 16 hours, included several monsoons, West Virginia mountain ranges with no cell phone reception, broken windshield wipers, repairing the windshield wipers, and anxiety over all the drama I left in Florida, which is far from resolved but at least I'm away from it now. The less said about that, the better, but it's been really affecting my mental health lately.

I ended up leaving Friday, not Thursday, because my freaking car wouldn't start on Wednesday. I think the issue is resolved, but the mechanic said it could break down again at any time and the repairs at that point would be a lot more expensive. Just what someone wants to hear when they're going to drive halfway across the country, you know? So Thursday morning I moved Lex to a different barn for the shipper to pick her up from. I felt she'd be safer and happier there in my absence, and since the barn owner is an old friend, she graciously found room in her barn for my girl. I'd have been boarding there all along except that it's a dressage barn with no jumping areas at all. I was a little torn about whether to stress her out by moving her and risk all the injuries that happen with being in a new place (not to mention colic). But ultimately, she'll be okay and I feel safer. The Girl went to check on her today and told me she looks just fine.

Lex's shipping date also moved back - she'll be shipping tomorrow instead of today. The shipper I'm using is based in the midwest and is on major delays from the polar vortex because Indiana was shut down for a minute. So instead of arriving tomorrow, she's leaving tomorrow. I'm sad, because the sooner she gets here, the better, but I'll live. It's probably better, since the barn manager is at a show tomorrow anyway. I might go with her, actually. I'm kind of antsy and I need something to do. Lex will get here Monday, and then all will be well.

I went to the new barn today. I forgot how serious mud can get in the midwest in winter time. I might need some wellies or something! But the whole thing seems safe and there's a very nice dressage pro who leases the back barn. She's got a jumper she's trying to sell so maybe we can work something out. The only thing I'm not sure about is that the stall next to Lex's has been converted into a cage for two dogs. They don't live there all the time, just when the barn manager is teaching lessons, but they seemed to bark a lot. I'm guessing that it won't be too big a problem since they're in there during the day and Lex is out during the day. I'll get to know the place better very soon! It's a Pony Club facility, and since I'm a proud Pony Club grad, I love that. It was certainly a very warm welcome, and the barn manager said she's been talking about me all week, saying she can't wait for her new friend to get here. That was certainly nice to hear!

And in other good news, there are deer everywhere, including in the back yard.

I'll surely let y'all know when Lex arrives. Please cross your fingers for an easy trip and a safe delivery. I'm kind of homesick. Well, make that really homesick. Once I get settled in, I know I'll be okay, but I feel very far from everyone right now.


  1. Crappy cell phone reception aside, you have to admit that the WV hills sure are pretty (though I might be a lite biased towards my home state;) glad you arrived safe!:)

    1. Totally! I lived in Winchester, VA for a long time, so I'm pretty familiar with west va. It's definitely gorgeous!

  2. How awful about all that last minute drama & car trouble, but glad you made it safe and sound! Safe travels for Lex! All fingers crossed that she has an uneventful trip north.

  3. Sounds like a mess, but glad it worked out.