Monday, January 6, 2014

Prepping to Leave

Thursday is my moving date (Saturday is Lex's) and it grows ever closer. Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day in Gainesville and it made me really sad. Of course, when I got up this morning it was as warm as it was going to get today and the temps are dropping, so maybe Florida is trying to help me get ready. It's going to get down to 20 tonight - it was 80 yesterday - which is COLD for us here. That kind of temperature drop is really hard on the horses, so I'll be making sure Lex guzzles water tonight and in the morning.

I rode Lex today, even though it was getting noticeably colder and the wind was blowing. I want us to get used to riding in non-ideal riding conditions, because that's all we're going to have for months and it is going to suck. She wasn't as relaxed today as she was yesterday, but she didn't do anything silly or bad. I think she probably just wanted me to lunge her so she could buck and stuff, but I didn't. I think it's going to be my main project of the winter to get her steady in the contact. She was good today, but I don't think we have much connection. Rome, as they say, wasn't built in a day.

At this point, I'm focusing on packing and getting stuff done. I'm not excited about loading up the Prius, but I have a friend going north this week too, and I think she's going to let me put some stuff in her car. I'm going to give her the less-essential things like human clothes, and I'll take all of Lex's crap in my car. Here's the to-do list for the horse:

1. Get her Coggins printed. I think the vet can bring me a copy, but I'll feel better if I have backups. Of course, I can't get my stupid printer to work.

2. Health certificate. If you want to get into or out of Florida with livestock, every animal needs a health certificate. Lex is getting hers done on Wednesday.

3. Decide, finally, what horse stuff is coming and what is staying. Any blanket I have is coming, and all her tack. I think I can leave some saddle pads and boots and that kind of stuff that I have extras of. Maybe when I get back I can decide to downsize!

4. Clean out my section of the tack room once I make a decision about everything. The deadline for this is Wednesday, obviously.

5. Take one last riding lesson. I HOPE. Cross your fingers that it's warm enough on Wednesday.

6. UlcerGard and Banamine. The Girl will give Lex this stuff before she gets on the trailer to help keep her comfy.

I will feel so much better when she's safely in her stall in Ohio. I know she'll ship fine. She was a racehorse. But, you know, anxiety is what it is.

Gonna miss this for awhile.


  1. I'm excited for you to get here! Good luck with packing... I suck at that and usually bring wayyyyy to much with me, haha

    1. Thanks! We should hang out soon, as I will be bored and lonely. You're of course welcome to come do Trailer Watch 2014 on Sunday, heh.

  2. Will you be in Columbus then? It sounds like that's where Tracy is. I live near Toledo, Ohio and occassionally visit a good friend in Columbus (and go to some of the better tack shops there, lol). Maybe I could meet up with you ladies as well. -Kristen

    1. That would be wonderful! I'll be in Granville, so just outside Columbus. I always like to know where the better tack stores are! Shoot me an e-mail (jess.clawson at gmail dot com) and we'll keep in touch. :)

  3. Stressful but you'll be fine once you're on the road! Safe travels :)