Monday, December 23, 2013

Rocket at Eight Months

One of these months, these will be posted on time. However, this month my mom didn't get around to taking Rocket's monthly pictures until The Girl and I got to town anyway, so we took advantage of having a good photographer and a real camera on hand. We groomed Rocket and fussed over her for awhile, and she loved every minute of it. We can pick her feet, comb through her considerable mane, and move her around without a problem. She stands to be groomed better than a lot of school horses I know. She's sweet and friendly and doesn't seem to spook at much. We watched Mom shovel snow out of the back of the truck and she didn't bat an eyelash. I think she's going to be a lot of fun when she's all grown up.

She's actually the easiest of all the horses at Mom's to lead.

Just picture her in a fancy show sheet.

Not bad suspension for an enormous mare.

Serving jump-off winner realness.

She's quiet and kind...

... but didn't think much of the idea that people think she should be a driving horse.

Full-force squiggle star.

She's got good ridin' ears.

My one-year-old nephew (the world's most perfect human) loves horses already.
Rocket likes him too.

This is TJ's nose, not Rocket's, but it's too cute to not post.

Rocket returns the grooming favor.

She likes to smooch.
Stay tuned for more horses-in-the-snow pictures next time I can get on the internet. Oh, and a quick Lex update: She's still got bumps, apparently, but the vet stopped by and said that she thinks the worst is over now, and that it was a contact thing and not something she ate. We're not going to give her any more medicine and just see how she does. On the one hand, I wish I was there to snuggle with her while she's not feeling her best, but on the other hand, I guess it's good that she's having this minor issue while I couldn't ride her anyway? Fortunately, she's eating and drinking and seems fine.