Friday, December 6, 2013

A Whole Week of Good Rides

I know I'm really pushing my luck here, but Lex has been so fabulous all week. Her whole attitude has softened, and now she's enjoying her work again, like she did many months ago when I started her. I have some video now but I'm having issues uploading it to YouTube. I'll post it when I've gotten that sorted out.

Bending is going much better, especially to the left. She seems pleased to be asked to bend left so that she can show off how great she is at it. She objects to bending right, but not with the ear-pinning anger of a week ago. Now she just chews on the bit and swivels her ears and lifts her head, but then she does yield to the leg and the inside rein and when I soften up and tell her she's a good girl, she seems so proud of herself. She really is unlike any horse I've ever worked with.

The two point training is going very well. She responds to "whoa" pretty well, and has been holding her rhythm nicely when I either release or get into two point. I need to start adding more steps, and eventually doing both at the same time, but there's no rushing here. Right? Right.

I especially needed her to be good today because I woke up feeling like crap. I've got a fever and vertigo and stuff, but I really wanted to ride, because it was like 80 degrees today and I'm about to move to Ohio and I can't take any of these gorgeous days for granted. And she was really, really good. She didn't put a foot wrong the whole time and wasn't even a dork about the girth. She also, it turns out, wants to drink from the hose. If she gets to drink before I spray her down, she's much better behaved. All this time I thought she was trying to bite at me, but what she really wanted was some water. WEIRD.

Lauren asked if I'd post some of the stretching exercises we do, and I think I'll talk more about that when I have some video evidence, if I can ever get YouTube to work.

In other news, I have been going through all my horsey stuff to figure out what needs to go with me and what can stay here. And I realized that I have A TON of horse stuff. Like, way more than I ever could have imagined. Do you need anything? Saddle pads, reins, leg wraps, polo wraps? I probably have it, and it can be yours for cheap, so let me know what you're looking for and I'll get you whatever information you'd like. Pretty much everything I have is well loved, but it's all perfectly usable. One of the things I have is a really cool white leather bridle, padded, with a flash, probably full size. It's pretty, but I don't have any horses it fits. It's got reins as well. I also have a set of ThinLine Sport Boots in black, size medium. If you want to give any of this stuff a good home, I'll make you a good deal.

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