Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just when everything is going well...

My damn horse gets the worst hives I've ever seen. So much for our lesson today, ugh. I'm leaving town tomorrow for about ten days, so she'll just have had two weeks off. Worse things have happened to a horse, I suppose.

I think they're from that stuff I use in her tail, which I got on a brush and then ran over her body. It's all I can think of, as everything else is the same. It's so bad that she has edema on her belly.

Last night

Last night I gave her banamine, put her blanket on, and turned her out. I went back out this morning and not much had changed, so she got banamine and (after long conversations with two different vets) 20 25mg tabs of Benadryl.

This morning.
OF COURSE this all happens right before I go out of town. It's not hurting her ability to breathe or anything, but I don't like it. She is clearly uncomfortable.

I'll try to get some pictures of the hives tonight. Cross your fingers that the Benadryl made a difference and that there aren't any there, though!


  1. Hope she gets better. Why didn't the vets suggest Dex? That's what I use for hives and it has always worked.

    1. I think just because I don't have Dex on hand so it was worth seeing if the Benadryl works.

  2. Ohhh poor girl!! I hope they clear up fast!

  3. Such a sensitive princess. Hope it clears up quickly.