Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rocket Catch-Up Again: Seven Months

Sorrrryyyyy I am so slow to post the Rocket updates lately! The big girl is doing well and growing like a weed - both up and out. And apparently her winter coat is truly something to behold.

And these two pictures are from yesterday, when the farrier came to see her. Her feet are already full horse size, the same as my mom's old TB gelding.

The farrier is not a tall lady, but she's not sitting down, either. My big girl has grown A LOT since I saw her a month ago. My mom hasn't seen her all week (she works constantly) and said she's definitely going through a growth spurt because she's noticeably taller now than she was. I love these last two pictures of her. She looks so sweet. She's always good for the farrier, which is really nice. I know some weanlings who would kill you as soon as they'd let a farrier touch their hooves.

I'll get to see Rocket next month at Christmas, and I can't wait. Someday I'll be able to have her and Lex in the same place.


  1. You really can't appreciate how big she is until someone is standing next to her!

  2. I know I say this every post, but she is giant!