Friday, November 29, 2013

Lex is Thankful for Cameras

This mare loves to pose, I'm telling you.

I am grateful that my super-cool girlfriend snuck out to the barn to take pictures of my horse for my birthday, which was also Thanksgiving day.

Serving Arabian realness.

Someone out there has a carrot.

Classy, eh?
Our lesson on Wednesday was canceled due to weather. We might try for tomorrow, we'll see. Today I rode her in a standing martingale for the first time, because she occasionally threatens to break my nose. I lunged her in it first and she handled that well. She bumped her nose against it a couple times - it was adjusted long to avoid scaring her - and then got over it. She didn't try anything silly under saddle. I've learned not to extrapolate too much from one ride, so we'll see how she is tomorrow. At the end of the ride, she was super relaxed and snuggly. That's typical for her, and one of the things I appreciate about her the most. We are always able to end the ride on a good note (TIMING) and that's super important for a horse like her. I think it's paying off.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy belated birthday and Thanksgiving! Also, Lex looks GORGEOUS in those photos!!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! :)