Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick Round Pen Update

We survived Day One of the round pen turnout. Lex looks dopier than I'd like for her to be. I have never been one who enjoys being inebriated, and I'd like for my horse to feel like herself, too. But we have to both be safe and get through the next few days, and then I'm hoping we can scale back on the Reserpine. I might even try hand walking her again tomorrow - my arm feels a lot better, and if she's going to be chill, it's worth a shot. The good news is, she's not so drugged that she doesn't enjoy eating grass. She managed to find plenty to munch on in the field even after she finished the snack I made her with hay cubes and grain.

Come on, girlie. Get us through the next couple of weeks with no catastrophes and we'll be good to go. Please please please.

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