Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Like Small Thoroughbreds

But I have big warmbloods coming out my ears. I'm not complaining, though. While my own small TB is on layup, I'm so grateful to have horses to ride. I just really, really hope I get to ride Lex again. I'm still filled with dread about it. Today I was expressing that to R, and she was like, "Have you taken a step back and looked at her lately? Because she looks FANTASTIC. Like she could walk out of her stall and onto the grounds of an A show." It's true. She's plump and shiny and bright-eyed. But I still think there's something wrong with that left hind, and I feel sick about it. My vet will be out in a week to talk some sense into me.

ANYWAY. Enough of me being a big dumb Eeyore. If I can will her to soundness, I shall. In the meantime, I got to ride three great horses today.

Do you recognize that horse? That's Veronica II at Devon! The very definition of an uphill trot. She's soooo fancy. The good news is, I think her issue is a quarter crack in her hoof. We can fix that! I'd like to get her teeth done, I think she'll be happier, but she's so pretty and lovely and I can't stop smiling when I ride her. I think she's the best mover I've ever sat on. She is just so, so cool. I let her hop over a little crossrail because she kept looking at it, and I could tell she really enjoyed herself. The farrier is coming out Thursday to take a look at that foot and tell us what our options are. Yay!

Next, I rode Mira, who just weaned her baby a few days ago. LOVE. Love love love. This mare did the 1.30m jumpers before she started having babies. I'm not sure why she retired, because she's sound and loves to work. I think she likes working more than having babies, to be honest, although she was eying Peanut as we went past. R came down to the ring to tell me how thrilled Mira looked, and that made me super happy. I love her, and I told R that I have plans to sneak her to some jumper shows. Oh, and guess what? She has the same sire as Hickstead. Can't beat that!

Zephyr, rolling with his homies.

Then, of course, my little Zephyr. He was very good, but lightning struck very nearby just as we were hopping over a crossrail, and that was the end of the ride. We're working on forward forward forward. He's not a horse you have to kick a lot, really, he just worries and slows down in the corners, so I'm teaching him to balance himself and use that inside hind leg to power us around the turns instead of shrinking his stride. He's coming along! Of course, the lightning meant a thunderstorm, which meant rain, which means the big ring is pretty flooded again. I hope it drains fast, because these are three big horses who don't have the balance and muscles they need for the little ring.

I'm so lucky I get to ride these cool ponies. And I'm so lucky to own Lex, the coolest of them all. Tell me a story about a horse whose soundness you worried about who turned out okay. I'm collecting them as bedtime stories for myself.


  1. Those are fabulous horses you get to ride! Don't despair about Lex. When Simon was lame for 4 months, I thought I'd have to switch to dressage or retire him and was so depressed about it. He got better though, and Lex will too!

    1. THANK YOU!! I'm tucking that one under my pillow. :)

  2. I really don't think any mare likes having babies, everytime we had mares in foal I always thought they looked freaking miserable out there.

    1. Aw, poor girls. Some of our mares really love it. The very end of pregnancy, maybe not, but Peanut's dam is over the moon about him. Mira was whatever about Ichabod. She took good care of him and everything, but didn't seem that attached. I've toyed with the idea of breeding Lex someday, because she's so well put together and has such a great mind. We'll just have to see.