Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cool Horses are Cool

Day 2: No Catastrophes Yet.

Hey, we gotta set the bar somewhere, right?

Lex munched on her breakfast in the round pen this morning, nibbled at grass, and stuck her head over the fence to survey her kingdom. She was quiet, calm, and happy. It was hard for me to make myself bring her back in, but I didn't want to press our luck. She was definitely more interested in staying outside than coming back in with me, but we're going to work her up to two hours of turnout in the round pen (I will bring my computer and revise dissertation chapters while I watch her) and then we can try one of the smaller paddocks. Baby steps.

And wouldn't she look cute taking baby steps in a new leather halter from Horze? I think so, so I entered the Horze giveaway on Lauren's blog at She Moved to Texas. Check it out!

There wasn't anyone around to supervise when I got around to Jethro today, and I only had an hour break between lessons, a good chunk of which was eaten up by a kid who took FOREVER to get her horse turned out. So I didn't ride him, but I did do ground work with him. He was veryveryveryvery good. Within minutes, I could walk all around the small ring with plenty of slack in the lunge line and he just followed me, nose to the ground and licking his lips. I love that for an amateur's horse. He's going to be super easy to bring along, and that will be fun. I love baby OTTBs! Hopefully I'll get some pictures of him tomorrow. He really needs a makeover: hair cut, better nutrition, some serious currying, a topline. Once he gets all that, he'll be a knockout. Anyone want a really cool four year old?

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  1. I love that you're working and watching her :) thanks for the share!