Friday, August 23, 2013

Hunter Prince Blog Hop

Sorry, can't self-identify as a princess! :)

I also can't self-identify as a hunter. So, can this be the jumper prince post?

My DREAM division for Lex is Grand Prix, but a slightly more realistic goal is the 1.30m. I think we've got that in us, at least. You know, when she's allowed out of her stall. I also really, really want to do a jumper derby with her.


Okay, just kidding. That's the Hamburg Spring Derby, the most difficult jumper derby in the world, and it gives me the spins just to watch it, but a kid can dream, right?

I'll have Lex news and other fun stuff tomorrow.


  1. LOL love and glad you joined! Lex is going to be an amazing jumper. Can't wait to see pictures of y'all in the meter 30 :)