Friday, August 14, 2015

Someone Needs Fast Shoes

Oh, Moses. I love you so much, and yet you require so much kicking.

Default speed
So right after I got off Red the other day, I tacked Mo up and off we went for Round 2. A lot of the same principles were revisited, in terms of the horse giving to the contact and moving forward. But with Red, the forwardness is just there. With Mo, it has to be created. He can really step under himself and come round when he wants to, but it takes a lot of riding to get there. I think this might change when the weather gets cooler.

I also think he is getting bored with dressage. I don't blame him. For awhile there, he was going super well and I think that's because we were jumping and doing XC schools and going to horse shows. He was interested. It was fun for him. And then I wrenched my back and ignored it and really threw things off, and then it was just walking or dressage for WEEKS.

The exercise that seemed to help Mo the most on the dressage lesson day was spiraling in to a 10m circle at the trot, and then spiraling out while asking for a lengthening, which ultimately resulted in him getting into a very nice working trot, through and connected, really pushing from behind. For the first time, I really felt him take my hand.

But here's what needs to happen, besides getting him broke to spurs, which is on my agenda for next week: he needs to jump again. And go schooling, and get off the farm, and get interested in life. I'm bored, he's bored, we're all bored with dressage. I love dressage and hope to progress up the levels. I also love broccoli but sometimes I want to eat something else.

Good news is, baby had a grid school on Thursday, which you'll hear about next week, wheeeee.


  1. Sad Mo wants to jump jumps! He's a cutie.

  2. Haha yeah. Dressage is addicting to overachievers, but we have to mix it up.

  3. my favorite part of dressage is when i get to apply the concepts to jumping a course anyway :)