Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Marsha Marsha Marsha

I'm feeling kinda guilty about something.

I made my new blog header, which I really like, and... it's all Mo.

And almost all the writing I do is about Mo.

And most of the lessons I take are on Mo (but a lot of that is because he lives at M's and it's easy).

Plus we need them

The cute fun things I buy like bridle charms and boots? Mo.

Technically I bought these for Lex. But Mo uses them.

Horse shows? Mo.

I'm starting to feel like poor Red is being relegated to Jan Brady status around here.

I'm heeeeeeere!

Red is am amazing horse in a great many ways. For one thing, he's hawt.

Looking good, big guy.
He's a delightful hack.

He's fancy as fuck.

With a friend on board.

Which he should be because he's well-bred.

Amaretto D ii

He can model a bridle like nobody's business.

He has his own ways of snuggling that I just adore.

He likes to push his nose against stuff. Like my face.

He'll stay like this all day.

So, in light of all of this greatness, it's time to devote more blog space to the big guy. Which is good, because I had a dressage lesson on him over the weekend that was useful (and spelled out some of his faults, and mine). I think I also need to start setting some more concrete goals with him, beyond what's in my head now ("maybe we'll go to some dressage shows"). I'm not sure he'll come along a lot faster in terms of the Quest for the Bronze Medal than Mo will, really--Mo has exactly one hole in his training, I know what it is now (he'll come right around until I put my leg on to change something like bend or tempo and then he inverts and glares at me over his shoulder), and it will be fixed in a week; Red has a great many that are ingrained now and are gonna be harder to sort out.

But he's so cute that who cares.

But that's certainly no reason not to do all kinds of fun stuff with him. So!

Dressage: A couple shows at training level and by the time we've gotten that accomplished, we'll have figured out his crap with the connection and moved up enough to start showing at first. It would be nice to get a couple of bronze medal scores on the board. This will get firmed up soon.

Eventing: He needs to go XC schooling so we can find out of this is something he wants to do. With my back issue, I think XC schooling is a ways off yet. He'll jump the jumps (provided I ride correctly--he will not jump anything, not a crossrail, if you don't ride correctly); but will he do the ditch, bank, and water? Who fucking knows. I don't really care either way. This horse isn't a baby with something to prove, like Mo. Red can gliterally live his entire life as my fun hack-around horse and I'll be happy with him. But since I'm riding with M we might as well see if he thinks eventing is super fun, which Mo seems to think it is.

Stay tuned for a dressage lesson recap, a short history of his life so far, and more attention to the lovely red horse who deserves your adoration.

And your treats


  1. so i kinda secretly hope Red falls in love with xc! but really, like you say, he sounds like an awesome horse that's easy to enjoy regardless of what job he wants

  2. Hooray! I am excited to hear more about the big red horse!

  3. Don't tell Mo, but Red may be my favorite.

  4. Yay! Red is super cute and its wonderful you have horses that are so different from each other yet are learning some of the same things.

  5. I'm SO SO SO glad you have Red in your life <3

  6. Lol love the title and adore your blog header.