Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Makin' Plans

Awhile ago, I put up a Horse Show Schedule page on the blog, but I never pointed it out. I've edited it now. Here's what it says but with annotations:

Fall 2015
September 12: Fix a Test with Brian Ross at Gordonsdale
Mo: Entered to do BN Test A
Red: Entered to do N Test B
(Some chance they'll ask everyone to bring only one horse, in which case, I'll flip a coin)

I'm VERY excited about this. I loved my lesson with Brian back in March. I hope he thinks Mo has improved and I'm eager to hear what he says about Red, who's a bit tricky still but has made progress.

Better than this now, I HOPE.

September 13: Gordonsdale Schooling Horse Trials
Mo: Entered to do Advanced Green (BN Test A, 2'-2'3" show jumping, little logs/brush jumps XC)
I scratched Loch Moy to take Mo to this and the Brian Ross clinic. I've schooled at Gordonsdale a bunch and will again this weekend. I think this should be a lot of fun. I had a great time in March.

But this behavior was nice

September 19: Morningside Combined Test
Mo: Goal of Baby Novice
I adore Morningside. It's probably my favorite showing venue, although I've never set foot on their XC course. Mo jumped around the Baby Novice show jumping course last time we went as his extra jump round and it went great, so I think it'll be lovely.

I still live for this canter from Morningside a few months back

October 3: Hunt Club Starter Trial
Mo: Goal of Elementary

I had initially hoped to enter him at BN here, but it's feeling too soon. If I hadn't hurt my back, maybe, but better a year late than a day early when it comes time to move a horse up. Confidence-building experiences only, please.

This is from JUMP, not Hunt Club, but it's cute

(Note: Advanced Green, Baby Novice, and Elementary are all the same thing)

October 18: Maryland Fall Starter Trial #2
Mo: Goal of Elementary or MAYBE Beginner Novice
I'm on the fence about entering this one because he'll have been traveling a lot. I need to see what else will be going on in later in the month or if there's something closer to home this weekend. If he's totally perfect at his other shows going Elementary or its equivalent, I'd feel better about going BN here. However, I've seen a couple of questions on the BN course here that I thought were a bit advanced for the level, like a jump out of the water. I'll decide in a month if I'm going to do this.

Loch Moy was a good time before

December 12: Maryland Fall Starter Trial #3
Mo: Goal of Beginner Novice
He should be able to go BN by this point, and there's a chance that I'll have been able to drive him over to Loch Moy to school their BN jumps. If I end up deciding to keep him at Elementary for the rest of the year, though, that's cool. Plenty of time.

I know this schedule is very Mo-heavy at this point, and I need to look around for some dressage shows for Red. I probably also need to put on my big-boy pants and get him jumping again. We'll see how our work with the pole goes.


  1. Sounds like a great schedule!! :)

  2. seems like a nice selection of options! and yea i chose loch moy for my move up to bn earlier this season and definitely walked away thinking i could have chosen something a little easier... the jump out of water got us!! still a fun venue tho

    1. It got a lot of people, and even some super brave horses I know looked hard at that cordwood that was fence 3. I'll just know they're there and practice and if I feel uncertain about them, I'll go elementary again. Are you going any more this year?

  3. All the shows all the time! I'm jelly

    1. Come visit and go to some with me!!!!!!!!!