Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Lex Meets the Goats

I recently realized that I never showed y'all the video that explains why I fell in love with Lex so much in the first place. The time has come.

Obviously, I liked Lex the moment I laid eyes on her. Who wouldn't? Look at this face!

At the vet school, OBVIOUSLY.
No nylon halters here.
I hemmed and hawed for a few days, but I knew getting her out of there was the right thing to do. As I said, I was supposed to sell her. And then this happened:

For those of you who hate watching videos, a) watch this anyway, it's just one minute, and b) she sees goats for the first time, says, "What the actual fuck?" and then says, "LEMME SEE 'EM!" So she goes and gets the goats and herds them towards me. Maybe she shoulda belonged to someone who cuts cattle. Tooooo bad, she's mine now! I knew when she did that that I'd never let her go.

Anyway, I love that brain. That's how she approaches pretty much everything: 1. WHAT'S THAT?! 2. Lemme look closer. 3. I own this now. See also:

Step One: Hopefully will not always be this dramatic.

Step Two: A deliberate approach.

Step Three: With apologies to Courage, The Best at Trot Poles.

I love her so much. Best horse.


  1. That video is adorable!!

  2. That video is great! I love how she's like "See the goats? do you see them too?!"

  3. She is such a dreamboat of a legend!